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Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts

  1. USB Mobile Phone Charger

    USB Mobile Phone Charger are used for charging your different models of phones without having any negative effects on the battery. These chargers are installed with a universal pin which is suitable to be used with various smartphones. They are highly appreciated for their original-like performance and fast charging ability. These USB Mobile Phone Charger should not be left idle under switched-on socket for ensuring safety and their high durability.
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  2. Data Cable

    Cell Phone Data Cable, iPhone Data Cable is made with great precision using premium quality copper wire and pins. It is required for connecting electronic devices including mobile phone, printer, monitor, keyboard & mouse, charger, and televisions with their respective products for different purposes. This Cell Phone Data Cable, iPhone Data Cable can be used for charging phones, transferring data to computer or laptop, and for projector applications. Mobile Phone Data Cable is available in different models according to the pin types and purpose of use.
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  3. USB Data Cable

    USB Data Cable is the most commonly used cable which allows baseband transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. It is mainly utilized for connecting mobile phone, camera, iPad, printer, mouse, and keyboard to the computer or laptop. This Universal Serial Bus cable is also used for charging phones by connecting it with an adapter. Normally, it has a data transfer rate of up to 480 mbps which can go up to 5 Gbps while using USB 3.0.
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  4. Mobile Handsfree

    Mobile Phone Headset, Cell Phone Headphone, Handsfree Headphone is required for listening songs, talking over phone, and watching movies by just connecting it to its corresponding jack in the handset. It is very suitable to be used while travelling, in public transport rush, and to take important calls while working. This Mobile Phone Headset, Cell Phone Headphone, Handsfree Headphone is installed with two earpieces having rubber buds, a speaker with volume adjusting buttons, and a 3.5mm universal jack, all connected together by a long insulated wire.
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  5. Micro SD Card

    Micro SD Card is a tiny flat assembly of floppy disk-like chip which is enclosed in a plastic case. It is used to store videos, movies, songs, images, and document files that can be viewed by inserting it in mobile phone or by connecting it to the computer using card reader. This secure digital card is available in different storage capacities including 8 GB, 46 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.
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  6. SanDisk 16gb Memory Card

    SanDisk 16gb Memory Card is required for storing numerous videos, photos, doc files, and music. It is used by inserting it in smart-phones as an additional storage memory. This card is originally manufactured by SanDisk Company and it has the storage capacity of 16 GB. It is completely suitable for storing high definition videos and images without damaging their pixels and sound quality. In general, this SD card is capable of having up to 10.400 pictures or 4000 mp3s.
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  7. USB Mobile Phone Charger

    USB Mobile Phone Charger is designed as a two pin adapter having a USB port for connecting data cable. It is highly appreciated for its high speed charging and harmless nature for mobile batteries. This charger can also be used for charging iPad, power banks, trimmers & shavers, and portable Wi-Fi devices. It is designed having premium quality circuit board enclosed in a plastic body with detachable cable port.
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  8. Mobile Charger Adapters

    Mobile Charger Adapters are manufactured having a universal port which is required for connecting different type of pins having an end similar to the attached port. They are utilized for charging different models of smart & keypad phones, camcorders, power banks, and Bluetooth headsets. These adapters are available in different voltage capacities and qualities as required by the customer. They are known for their optimum performance and fast charging.
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  9. Mobile Back Cover

    Mobile Back Cover, Cell Phone Cases is fabricated from superior quality rubber, plastic or even alloy metals using molding technology by highly skilled professionals. It is used as a protective and decorative leayer for smart-phones. This Fancy & Printed Mobile Back Cover is generally applied at the back of the phone and is also available with complete edge covering structures. Mobile Back Cover can be availed in wide assortment of colors, patterns, designs, and models that are specifically required according to the type of handset.
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  10. Mobile Earphones

    Cell Phone Headphone, Mobile Earphones are constructed using a mouthpiece, two earpieces, and a universal 3.5mm jack all connected with a long insulated wire. They are utilized for listening songs, talking over phone without holding over the ear, and for watching movies at home or in public places. These Cell Phone Headphone, Mobile Earphones have a good sound quality and are suitable to be used with almost all types of smart-phones, laptops, I-pad, and music players.
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  11. Mobile Power Bank

    Mobile Power Bank 5000mah, Power Bank 10000mah, Power Bank 20000mah is a type of portable charging device having a compact structure, which can easily be carried while travelling. It is an electrical energy storing product required for charging your smart & keypad phones, iPhones, music players, and Bluetooth earphones. This is designed having high quality lithium battery enclosed in a plastic or metal case with two or more USB ports and a charging slot. Mobile Power Bank 5000mah, Power Bank 10000mah, Power Bank 20000mah can be availed in different colors, designs, and power storing capacities.
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  12. Samsung 32gb Memory Card

    Samsung 32gb Memory Card is made to be used by inserting it into mobile phones as an extra storage assembly. It can also be utilized in cameras for storing photographs. This card is designed having a compact structure and is capable of storing mp3s, videos, and even MS office based files. It is originally manufactured by the Samsung Company having a capacity to store up to 26 GB of data. This Samsung card can transfer data at the rate up to 10MB/s2.
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  13. Samsung 16gb Memory Card

    Samsung 16gb Memory Card is required for storing music, videos, images, doc. files, and excel sheets. It is utilized as an additional storage chip for smart-phones. This memory card is easy to insert & remove and has long lasting service life. It can store up to 14 GB of data at once and can easily carry HD movies & photographs without altering their sound & pixels. This card can also be attached to laptops & computers by using card reader.
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  14. Sandisk 32GB Memory Card

    Sandisk Memory card is available in different storage capacities including 4, 8, 16, & 32 GB. Sandisk 32GB Memory Card is required for storing various media, document files, and photographs which can be viewed by inserting it in smartphones or attaching to the computers or laptops using card reader. This card is manufactured by the Sandisk Company & has the transfer rate of up to 4MB/sec, and can also be availed in 6, 8, & 10 class variants.
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  15. Mobile Tempered Glass

    Mobile Tempered Glass, Curved Tempered Glass, Clear Tempered Glass is made by processing it under controlled thermal or chemical treatments to strengthen it. It is utilized as a protector for touch-screen smartphones and is applied on their front panel. This glass is available in different shapes & sizes manufactured specifically according to the handset model. It prevents your mobile’s screen from breaking by accidental fall. This Mobile Tempered Glass is highly appreciated for its smooth & curved edges and perfect finish.
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  16. Transcend 32GB Memory Card

    Transcend 32GB Memory Card is a tiny portable assembly required for storing music files, documents, videos, and movies. It is manufactured with utmost precision using advanced technology by highly skilled professionals. This card is utilized by easily inserting it into the mobile device for viewing the stored data. Transcend 32GB Memory Card can also be used for transferring media from laptop or desktop to the handset or the other way. This transcend storage chip is also required in cameras or camcorders for keeping clicked photographs.
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